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Research Division

Research division of RSIL carries out research that is commissioned by Government, Statutory Bodies, International Organization or an Inter-Governmental Organization.

Research division has carried out research projects in the areas of IHL, HR, Nuclear Law, The projects work has also been published.

The research project work has also been utilized at policy making law and the Federal Ministry of Law, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of foreign Affairs have made use of the work done by research division of RSIL.

The areas of research projects done include: -

  1. Work in drafting legislation that serves as implementing law for an international convention.
  2. Review of existing legislation and its compatibility with an international treaty or convention.
  3. Assessment of Pakistani laws that serve as compliance of various treaties and international commitments.
  4. Assessment of legal aspects of Pakistan’s position on various issues.
  5. Interpretation in compliance issues of UNSC resolutions.
  6. Rendering assistance in negotiations of bilateral and multilateral conventions

RSIL has also made specialized divisions on Trade & Investment, Intellectual Property Rights, Environment, Nuclear Law etc.